Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pictures of the finished doll

So, I should have taken pictures of this lovely lady days ago but I got sucked into sculpting land and lost track of time.  ;)  I think I might name her Koneko, which means kitten in Japanese.

 I made her a furry little needle felted kitty and a pair of her very own needled felted kitty ears headband, the headband is removable

There are mini black paper roses all along the hem of her dress.

She has some striped leggings and her shoes are made from ultra suede, which is also the lining inside her dress.  Her dress and shrug are made from a gorgeous sage dupioni silk.

I have a couple of dolls I should be starting to make clothes for this week and more in the beginning stages.  I'm really enjoying the sculpting process and can even see my work getting better from doll to doll.  My least favorite parts to make are the limbs!  Here's a WIP photo, sorry about the poor quality of the photo, I'll take better WIP shots soon!

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

An Adventure in Doll Making, WIP

I've been doing a lot of sculpting lately, thought I would I try my hand at making art dolls.  I've seen so many beautiful dolls and was inspired to make my own.  My sister, Pabkins is a huge doll collector and I can credit/blame her for giving me the bug.  ;)

Currently I have 4 dolls in various stages of completion.  It's my own experiment in what types of arms. legs, eyes. and bodies work for me.  Im having a lot of fun with it!  I really like air dry clay.  These girls are made using Fimo air dry clay.  I've played with Das and made ornaments but found it to be a little to pulpy for making dolls.

Here's a couple of the very first heads.  My sister, Pabkins started the one on the right.  Of course, it's been a learn as I go experience and I sure am learning a lot.

This is the head that was on the left, now with a body and makeup.  Amazing what some artist pastels can do huh?  I drew her eyebrows on with an artist graphite pencil.  She's been sealed with a matt varnish.

Here's one that I'm almost done with.  She has beautiful cat like eyes and a gorgeous silk dress.  I'm still finishing up her outfit and then I can apply her hair.  She's about 8'' long and her head is only a little over 1''.  She is very petite!  I'm not sure how I happened to try a small doll first, experimenting I suppose.  Little limbs are kinda hard to string though and I couldn't use ribbon like I wanted and had to use embroidery floss, but it won't be seen though because I've made her a shrug to wear.

I've fallen in love with making dolls!!  I think I may have found something to retain my interest for quite some time.  I think my first attempts have actually come out looking rather good, there's always room for improvement of course.  I'm looking forward to settling into this art form and finding my own signature style, which I'm sure will come in time.  ;)  I'll post more pics soon.