Monday, July 25, 2011

Owls Who?

Where is the sunshine?  I've been living in Washington state now for about 6 months and sunshine is the rare sight.  We get "liquid sunshine" here.  I've found that it's hard to get motivated on these gloomy days!  But motivate myself I must.  It's so hard to take pictures in this dark and most times dreary state.  Some days I think of investing in a light kit!  Too expensive,  though I would most likely use that sucker every day!

Ok, so I've been doing some sewing projects.  I whipped up these little owls a couple of days ago.  Super simple easy project ala instant gratification.  I made that embroidered mask a while ago but it didn't work on the intended project,  it worked out perfect for this little owl though.

Cute huh?  These little guys are made from up-cycled 100% wool sweaters and mens suit jackets.  Goodwill, thou art my friend.  A good washing in hot water, sometimes two or three times to felt the wool sweaters and you're ready to sew without fraying.  The suit jackets are another story though.  They most definitely will fray (bugger) but I love the textural quality of it.

The wings are button jointed with some added embroidery for the feathers.

Here's a close-up of the other owls eye.  I used safety eyes these guys, mismatched of course.  So, what do you think of my little owls?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

While the Man's Away

My husband just deployed to Afghanistan.  Sad oh sad is me.  *SOB*  I've been trying to keep myself busy so the time will go by faster, those first few days though I just wanted to lay in bed (on his side)  and breathe him in.  Time is a movin though and I've been back at it, in the garage stripping, (heads out of the gutter please  ;) sanding, staining, painting and waxing.  I got two dresser done yesterday.  In the depths of my woes I neglected to take a before picture of one of my dressers.  BAH, those blasted woes...BE GONE!  *sigh* it almost worked.  Ok, so here is the one I did take a before and after of.

 Don't you just love the way paint crinkles up when it's being stripped?  I think it's beautiful.  ;)

 I love this piece!  I had to strip the top 4 times!  There must have been 5 or so layers of paint on her!  I love the wooden casters and I totally dig the keyholes, they were all painted over (what!), I know right? Ok, so here's the after.

I painted it with chalk paint in Old White, waxed the body with a light brown, stained the top with a dark walnut then used a couple coats of dark wax to finish off the top.  It makes me smile.  Oh, and how about the painting?  Picked that up at a yard sale for 10 bucks!  A good deal excites me.  I am so easy to please.  ;)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Color me Blue, antique armoire redo

I picked up this antique armoire off of craigslist.  Drove an hour and a half to pick it up!  I loved the clean lines so to me it was worth the drive, plus I had the chance to see some parts of Washington I haven't had the chance to explore yet. 

I put my hubby and my dad to work stripping and sanding it down.  *cracks whip*  There was a horrible bubble in the veneer on the top, so the whole thing had to be taken off.  Easier said than done though, that stuff was a pain in the butt get to get off!!  Wood chisel thou art my friend.

I decided I really liked the look of the planks on top and opted for leaving it that way rather than trying to slap some more veneer on top.  We did some sanding with the belt sander (WHAT!) then followed up with the orbital with a finer grit and then hand sanded to a silky smooth finish.  I wanted to paint the armoire but the hubby said...WHAT!  So, we compromised and settled on Minwax wood stain in Pearl Grey and I finished it off with some light brown wax.  I love it!

There was an extra hole in the door, not sure what might have been there before, a keyhole perhaps.  I thought, what the heck, I'll put two knobs on and see how it looks.  I picked these knobs up at Hobby Lobby when we lived in North Carolina.  The closest Hobby Lobby to me now is 4 plus hours away!  *sob*  Dern, I forgot to take pictures of the inside.  I'll take some later, promise!

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