Thursday, June 20, 2013


My sister, Pabkins and the lovely Miss April from My Shelf Confessions has helped set me up with a new website.  You can now find me at Dollusions.  I hope you'll stop on by for a visit!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm still here!!

It's long past due for a blog post!  Yes yes, I know you've all forgotten about me and I can't blame you, I've been away for far too long. In my own defense I'll just say that time got away from me and I've just recently captured it again!  ;)

How about i just show you some dolls I finally finished and sold and some lovelies I made for the sister's Christmas/birthday.  Maybe photos of dolls will lure you all back. Yes? Yes!  And I promise, I shan't stay away this long again.

 This was made for the sister, last year's birthday present. Hmm, today is her birthday....HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISSER!!!

Scarlett, the second of my Ballerina dolls.

Lizbeth, a heartbroken Victorian lady.

A hanging doll ornament I made for my sister for Christmas.  She's a slightly disheveled princess!

My newest style of heads, I'm calling them the Bunny girls, for obvious reasons.  She's a freestanding bust.  I LOVE her!  It was so hard to wrap her up and send her to the sister for her birthday.  I suppose I'll just have to make one for myself!

I have several more girls in the works. I'll post some WIP pics soon.   I have every intention of keeping up with this blogging business!  Hubby says even if I just post a picture of a WIP, there's no excuse to not be doing this.  ;) Yes, I knew there was a reason I married him. lol.  He is the cracker of whips and keeper of sanity.  I loves him.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Two new dolls, Goth and Sweet

I just finished two dolls the other day, finally got around to taking pictures of them today.  I was hoping for some sunlight, but here in WA I could be waiting forever for that elusive orb to shine.  ;)  I'm going to have to build a light box!  This post is going to be picture heavy!

So this sweet little lady was actually my first attempt in sculpting a head in air dry clay and my third doll finished.  Funny how that happens.  I've learned A LOT about sculpting dolls since I first started a few months ago but I think that this first head came out pretty good for my very first attempt.  Sweet and simple.

Her eyes are black polymer clay and her hair is an auburn viscose that I curled.  She's 10 inches long and her face is approximately 2 inches wide. Her eyebrows are hand drawn on with artist graphite pencils.  She was sealed with several layers of a matt varnish.  I absolutely love her cardigan sweater and matching bow in her hair!

She's ribbon jointed and her clothes are made from new, vintage and up-cycled materials. Oh, I just spotted that curl on the right edge of the chair, must have been stuck to her sweater after her trim.  ;)
Her shoes are painted on.

I'm really happy with the way her hands came out.  Hands are extremely difficult to sculpt but i think it's worth the time to try and get them looking like actual hands.  I've been working on a new way to do hands so I can have finger separation.

 I'm thinking about naming her Sky, hmm. Yes, I like it.  Okay so, Sky can sit up on her own with a little bit of maneuvering to make sure she doesn't topple over.  ;) But I think it better to err on the side of caution and give her something to lean against, like the chair.

And now for the opposite end of the spectrum.
Meet Belladonna, my Gothic Ballerina.

My sister, Pabkins actually started sculpting this head when she came to visit at Christmas.  I did some tweaking, adding more brow, forehead and ears, but essentially this head is all her.  ;) She's 11 inches long and her face is approximately 2 inches wide.

She's ribbon jointed and can sit up on her own.  Her clothes are made from all new materials. She has silk ribbon around her neck and skirt.  Her eyebrows are drawn on with graphite pencil and her hair is black viscose, cut in a cute punky style.

I'm loving her arm and leg warmers!

Both of these dolls and, Koneko from my last post will be listed in my etsy shop, hopefully today. ;)

Oh, here's a sneak peak at a head I've got going for a wall mounted bust for, Pabkins birthday.  Still have tweaking to do on the eyes, but dang, I am SUPER PROUD of this head! This is only my fourth head and it is (in my opinion) awesome!! I think I've made progress in my sculpting skills by leaps and bounds from when I first began.  ;)

So, what do you think of my girls?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pictures of the finished doll

So, I should have taken pictures of this lovely lady days ago but I got sucked into sculpting land and lost track of time.  ;)  I think I might name her Koneko, which means kitten in Japanese.

 I made her a furry little needle felted kitty and a pair of her very own needled felted kitty ears headband, the headband is removable

There are mini black paper roses all along the hem of her dress.

She has some striped leggings and her shoes are made from ultra suede, which is also the lining inside her dress.  Her dress and shrug are made from a gorgeous sage dupioni silk.

I have a couple of dolls I should be starting to make clothes for this week and more in the beginning stages.  I'm really enjoying the sculpting process and can even see my work getting better from doll to doll.  My least favorite parts to make are the limbs!  Here's a WIP photo, sorry about the poor quality of the photo, I'll take better WIP shots soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

An Adventure in Doll Making, WIP

I've been doing a lot of sculpting lately, thought I would I try my hand at making art dolls.  I've seen so many beautiful dolls and was inspired to make my own.  My sister, Pabkins is a huge doll collector and I can credit/blame her for giving me the bug.  ;)

Currently I have 4 dolls in various stages of completion.  It's my own experiment in what types of arms. legs, eyes. and bodies work for me.  Im having a lot of fun with it!  I really like air dry clay.  These girls are made using Fimo air dry clay.  I've played with Das and made ornaments but found it to be a little to pulpy for making dolls.

Here's a couple of the very first heads.  My sister, Pabkins started the one on the right.  Of course, it's been a learn as I go experience and I sure am learning a lot.

This is the head that was on the left, now with a body and makeup.  Amazing what some artist pastels can do huh?  I drew her eyebrows on with an artist graphite pencil.  She's been sealed with a matt varnish.

Here's one that I'm almost done with.  She has beautiful cat like eyes and a gorgeous silk dress.  I'm still finishing up her outfit and then I can apply her hair.  She's about 8'' long and her head is only a little over 1''.  She is very petite!  I'm not sure how I happened to try a small doll first, experimenting I suppose.  Little limbs are kinda hard to string though and I couldn't use ribbon like I wanted and had to use embroidery floss, but it won't be seen though because I've made her a shrug to wear.

I've fallen in love with making dolls!!  I think I may have found something to retain my interest for quite some time.  I think my first attempts have actually come out looking rather good, there's always room for improvement of course.  I'm looking forward to settling into this art form and finding my own signature style, which I'm sure will come in time.  ;)  I'll post more pics soon.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Monster Christmas!!!!

It's been quite some time since my last post.  I've been suffering from the Holiday Blues, admittedly mine started in late Sept. with the twins birthday and continued into Oct with my birthday.  I was sad my deployed husband was missing birthdays and then Halloween, and Thanksgiving and and. And ok, so I kicked myself in the butt and got back to the "magic making shop" as my son Ryan calls it.

There's something cathartic about the creative process and the act of creating.  I'm feeling much better now, thank you.  ;)

I had to kick start the Christmas present making and I was already behind, bah humbug??  No!  Well, maybe just a little but I had to get into my own Holiday workshop.  I have projects and things to share later, can't post them now because people might get a look at their gifts and we can't have that.  ;)

To get my Holly Jolly Raawwrrr rolling I made some Monster Stockings for the twins.  These furry guys are fabulous if a bit on the naughty side, but they've promised not to bite Santa's hand.

The twins love them!!  I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out too.

To save myself time I picked up a couple of pre made stockings on sale for 60% off.  These soft wooly stockings were a perfect base.  I just cut off the cuff and made my own furry one.

I had to make my own red and white striped fabric to make the horns.   Who knew red and white striped fabric would be so hard to find?  A quick horn shape on some freezer paper, and Bam!

Attach the jaw and your Monster is looking darn good!

This Monster looks like he's crashing from a candy cane sugar high, that's just my Tyler's kind of Monster.

The more Monsters the Merrier!!  I think I'm going to make a Mom an Dad monster so we can all have one.

I'm thinking about adding arms but that will have to wait until after Christmas.  So, what do you think? Will they scare Santa?

I thought about making some of these for my etsy shop but there just wasn't/isn't anytime for that now.  Maybe there'll be some in the shop next year though.  ;)

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Witchy Tea Party Under a Halloween Moon

Welcome my pretties, 
Won't you come in?
My Witches Tea Party is about to begin.
But first I'll say thanks to our blog party hostess, 
Frosted Petunias, 
The Witch with the mostess.

Care for a cup?
Tis freshly brewed.
A delicious white tea 
With a hint of cherry and rose buds too.

There's a cup for you

And one for me

A cup for Josephine makes three.

Maybe coffee is more your speed

Cream and sugar?
For me, yes please!

Have a cookie,
They're a real delight.
You'll have to excuse me, 
I couldn't resist a bite.

Even the cats have come out to play, 
They love a bit of magic in the everyday.

The sun is setting, 
Lets have some fun.

Cupcakes now 
For everyone!

Cupcakes and poetry go together quite well, 
Some, Edgar Allen Poe could get us ready for spells.
A Dream Within a Dream, 
Tis a favorite of mine.

All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream...

Perhaps Shakespeare is more your taste?
A excerpt from Macbeth you say?
I know the one,
Read on posthaste!

Swelter'd venom sleeping got,
    Boil thou first i' the charmed pot! 

No, that's not the one!
Now my skull won't stop singing, 
Wrong spell, oh dear. 
My head is now ringing.

What to do?

Lets have a stiffer drink,
Lets think this through

Consult the Book!
Page 32!

Oh no, not again!
I've turned my pink laces blue!

Maybe next time I'll get right, 
It's time for bed now though
So I'll just say goodnight!

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you enjoyed your cup of tea and liked what you found.

Clean cups
Clean cups
Move down!

Fly back to the Witches Tea Party here.